Watches for active swimmers

The Garmin Swim watch has been on the market for almost 5 years, connects to your computer via USB ANT+, and has all the features you need for both recreational and sport swimming.
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Watch Features

– The Garmin Swimwatch does not have a GPS module, so it cannot measure the distance swum outside the pool.
– When swimming, you must touch the edge of the pool and the watch records the distance swum thanks to the accelerometer.
– In addition to the distance swum, the watch also records the number of strokes swum, recognizes swimming styles such as breaststroke, crawl, butterfly, and breaststroke, and calculates the calories burned.
– This watch also measures swolf. Swolfe is the sum of the time required to swim the length of one pool and the number of strokes per pool length. [all data is stored directly in the watch and can be read off the monochrome backlit display.
– This watch uses a low-power ANT+ connection and cannot be connected directly to a cell phone. It connects to a computer via the included USB device and records swim data in a Garmin Connect training log on the computer monitor. This can also be installed on your cell phone and your training log will be synchronized.
– The watch displays the time and date, of course, but does not have a pedometer and does not display notifications for incoming calls, messages, etc. because there is no Bluethooth technology or direct connection to a cell phone
– It does not have a rechargeable battery, though it runs on regular button batteries, The watch can run for up to one year.
– The watch is lightweight, comfortable to use, and does not get in the way when swimming.
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The Garmin SWIM may seem a bit old-fashioned today, but it is an excellent watch for swimmers, with all the necessary features, a battery life of up to one year, and a reasonable price
of 3,990 CZK.