Potted Exotic Fruits

This is not to say that homegrown fruits are not good. But there is something about exotic fruits that is just not right. Moreover, they are healthy and often help to keep one\’s figure slim. At least you don\’t have to worry about chemicals being sprayed on the bark. [How to grow exotic fruits at home?
vršek ananasu
Pineapple. You can try commercially grown pineapples. Cut off the top of the pineapple, the leafy part called the rosette. Care must be taken not to cut it off along with the pulp. The pulp will later rot and you can start over again. Sometimes it is easier to cut off the rosette. Then rinse with water and tear off some of the lower leaves so that the pineapple can take root. Then place it in a jar or vase filled with water. The water should not touch the remaining leaves, only the stems. Add water a little at a time as needed until the first roots emerge. Place the pineapple rosette in a warm room out of the sun. Once the roots emerge, plant the pineapple in a pot with soil. Then place it on a windowsill, preferably under a heater. However, direct sunlight is not good, so ideally the pineapple should be exposed to morning sun and then placed in the shade.
mango na prkýnku
Mangoes. All they need is a large pot, a warm, sunny location, plenty of water and regular watering. Mangoes can be grown at home by planting purchased seeds or seeds taken from well ripened fruit.
ovocný strom
Kiwifruit: This fruit grows well in our area and is also a climber and grows well on pergolas. Buy small seedlings and take care of them. If you want to see the process of germination, you can start from seeds. Kiwis are frost tolerant, so you don\’t have to worry about that, and all they need is some sun.