Sweets – fat and sugar laden mls and healthy sweets

In traditional Czech households, Christmas sweets are a must every Christmas. It usually consists of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat. However, few people know that its history dates back to the 16th century. Its form was quite different from what it is today. In fact, the first pastries were made of fruit figurines. [It was not until the 19th century that they took their present form. This baked pastry was most often found in wealthy families. And the most popular would have been the caramels hung on Christmas trees.
plno jídla
Traditional Czech pastries
There are endless varieties, variations, and decorations. Of all the traditional sweets, perhaps the two most indispensable in any household are the linzer and the vanilla roll. Linetsky can be glued, dusted with sugar, or decorated with nuts, coconut, or chocolate. You can even add cocoa directly to the dough. It pleases not only children, but adults as well. Vanilla rolls are very popular. This is probably because they are unbreakable, light and tasty. Other options include wasp\’s nests, gingerbread balls, cupcakes, pretzels, candies with alcohol, and dried fruit. Think about it. What is your favorite kind? sladké kuličkySome people consider honey gingerbread cookies a candy. Especially on St. Nicholas\’ Day, when they are already baked. If you have artistic talent, you can play with it. You can paint various ornaments with sugar icing. Of course, you can also color them.
sladké kuličky

Healthy pastries
Today, sweets with less sugar and fat are becoming more and more popular. However, there are also unbaked RAWs. Among unbaked sweets, coconut-coated condensed milk balls still lead the pack. We still want to enjoy sweets, but we want to know that we are not eating something so bad. For example, you can add whole wheat or spelt flour instead of regular flour. The standard white sugar can be substituted with cane sugar or honey.
If you don\’t like sweets at all. This Christmas, why not try salty pastries? Salted dough can be cut out like Linzer dough. They can even be decorated with poppy seeds.
Good luck with your baking!