Why choose a Mom Hotel

Let\’s stop for a moment and recall together the days when we were young children and teenagers, and the days when we dreamed of a day away from our parents and living within ourselves like real adults. But as time passes and we discover how the real world works, we slowly move away from this dream, who in the care and love of mom and dad already cook food, wash clothes, have little bills, and generally do not want to live in order and cleanliness. This will give us the title of “Mom”, but it is much more convenient than relying on yourself. Why is it so great to live with parents in the same house?
držící se ruce

Most of your own money

When you live in your apartment or house, you have to pay various bills. From your salary, you have to pay everything, so that only the minimum is left, and at the same time it is out of the question to live with your lovely parents, somehow making a living so that they do not die of hunger. They pay for everything. At a minimum, you give them household allowances and food, but that\’s all. You will have a lot of money left.

Your mom doesn\’t care that you have your own source of money. She will be happy to give you some more money. Maybe some beer, tobacco or alcohol. And it does not necessarily have to be clean banknotes and coins. You get new clothes, shoes and even things for free! Your wallet will only get fat…
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Classic housework cooked, washed and ironed. You are tired of it, you do not want to do it, but in your home you will have to do this regularly This is not the case with parents. Everything is done by a loving mother. You can come home from work or entertainment and lie down on clean sheets. Your room does not look like after the war, there is no crumbs anywhere, and in addition to that, you do not go to work as a hastrosh the next day.


When the cold season occurs, most people succumb to some sort of nasty disease. If you were alone, you would be dependent on yourself. No one will help you. There should not be around people who make hot soups or make tea. Tired, you have to stumble into the kitchen and do everything someone else would do for you. Maybe go to the pharmacy!

No work, you will be at home!

A caring mother who loves her baby is too happy to take you home. You don\’t have to go to work. Both parents\’ finances are enough. If you show at least a hint of effort to find a job, it will be fundamentally opposed. She will do anything to get used to your company and have you on her own for the rest of her days.

Protecting sons and daughters above all

Are you sharpening relationships between neighbors and certain people? Have you made a debt in a pub or are there gaps in taxes? Do not worry, if you confess your innocence and act, then mom will be soft, and Dad will do everything for you to live without any problems. He will settle the relationship with your surroundings and pay for what you need. For you it is irrelevant for them to touch the savings…

Because the words of the housewife are sacred, the stepfather can only be seen and, in silence, see his child become a spoiled brat.