Take advantage of coworking

You may have heard of the popular coworking centers and wondered what they are like. If you are a freelancer, you may have heard of this way of working. Let me introduce you to today\’s freelancer phenomenon: coworking.
A quick Internet search will reveal that coworking centers are shared offices. It\’s a space where you can come at a certain time, open your laptop, workbook, or journal, and focus on your business without having to maintain your own office. The space looks great, so you don\’t have to worry about setting up meetings with clients, and sometimes the space is even used for taking photos for promotional materials. But that\’s not all coworking offers.
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Coworking is more than just sharing space. [Coworking is more than just sharing space. In the truest sense, coworking is about working in mutual symbiosis with others. In a coworking community, individuals can share their experiences with each other, meet people, and make connections that would otherwise be difficult to form. 16] Occasional collaboration with others is especially beneficialfor freelancers who work mostly from home. Regular visits to a shared office can help maintain work habits as well as prevent social isolation.
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Prague continues to be the center of shared workspace in the Czech Republic, but other regional cities have already successfully followed Prague\’s lead. Brno, Liberec, Ostrava, and Olomouc have well-known coworking spaces. You can choose according to the environment you want to work in, the people you want to meet while working, or simply the coworking space closest to your home.