For starters, Unpretentious pets

Children are very excited about almost anything, but the energy devoted to something often doesn\’t last long. When it comes to having a pet, there are problems. Therefore, the choice of bred species is very important. There is a big difference between caring for a dog and keeping a pet. Each animal takes time, and especially domesticated species require regular attention.
 It is completely inappropriate to take an animal for a child as a Christmas gift. The result of this poorly thought-out step is the fact that almost half of these “Christmas presents” end up in shelters every year.

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School Zoo Corner
Of course, it depends on the age of the child and his abilities. If at the age of 10 you do not want to clean the room, then you can hardly expect the fact that you regularly clean the cat\’s toilet. Therefore, for young children it is ideal to engage in school activities related to animals. Most schools have a corner of the zoo, and teachers are happy when the children come home for the holidays. School becomes a holiday concern and parents have the opportunity to test whether their child can take care of the animal and enjoy it.
What parents should definitely think about is the life expectancy of individual animal species. For example, it should be noted that small breeds of dogs live up to 18 years.
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When to start
Children can take care of some animals from an early age. It is ideal to start with unpretentious rodents, for example, South American guinea pigs (Cavia aperea porcellus) and hamsters (Cricetinae). There are many other species, including hamsters, octopuses, chinchillas and dwarf rabbits.
In order to breed rodents, there is a large enough cage, high-quality bedding that does not cause abrasions to the animal, and, finally, a high-quality feed, which, of course, consists of several components that the pet has in the drinking bowl. Of course, it is possible to use different types of granules, but this is not enough. Guinea pigs, for example, also need gnawing things (carrots, hard bread), because they can grow gnawing teeth (rodents).