Summer 2017 Trends


  • Swimwear is an annual summer and vacation essential. This year, lace-up swimsuits are trending. A huge selection of such swimsuits can be found in Asian online stores. Asian stores offer beautiful swimsuits at reasonable prices, but beware of sizes and delivery times.
  • Also a hit are one-piece swimsuits called monokinis with sophisticated designs and the “Navy Patrol” style swimsuits worn by the main character in the TV drama “Coast Guard.”
  • Don\’t be afraid to pair one-piece swimsuits with high-waisted shorts, either.
  • You can accessorize with a variety of body chains.

dívka u vodopádu

Denim Shorts

  • High-waisted denim shorts are a must this summer. Plus, these shorts are timeless, so don\’t be afraid to invest in them.
  • But you can also get in on the trend by wearing ripped shorts.

Motifs and colors

  • Flamingos, fruits, leaves, flowers. A hit right now!
  • Don\’t forget the Aztec pattern, a summer staple.
  • The colors of summer 2017 are shades of green and yellow.
  • Bright blue stripes on dresses, shirts, and t-shirts.


  • Thick heeled sandals with straps feel impossible to part with! And they are so comfortable.

plachetnice na moři


  • Any design shirtdress, especially light blue stripes.
  • Drop-sleeved blouses and dresses.
  • Boldly a bralette. A bralette is a short top that boldly covers only the upper half of the body. It can be beautifully combined and there is no need to worry about looking vulgar.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, buy a handbag in the shape of a pineapple or other fruit. 60]

If you are a real showoff, don\’t forget embroidered items, especially roses. Embroidery is a trend that started this spring and will probably continue for a long time to come.

If you can\’t resist, try items that are transparent. For example, a fully see-through T-shirt paired with a chic bralette is sure to be a success.

Whichever item you choose, you are sure to shine during the holidays. Have a great holiday!