Children’s Sports Activities

The choice of a sports club for a child is usually made by the pre-school parent. The choices are many and should be made carefully, taking into account the child\’s abilities and interests as well as personality factors. The right sport will accompany the child throughout his or her life and open many doors.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an interesting sport, the results of which will show throughout life. Although it doesn\’t seem like it, horseback riding requires physique. However, horseback riding also teaches children empathy, patience, and a love of animals. Horseback riding is also a form of therapy, which makes it suitable for children with various disabilities, as long as they find a trainer who is trained in this therapy. In addition to the riding itself, the care of the animal is also important. Before and after riding, horses need to be brushed, hooves cleaned, and manes brushed. In later years, skilled riders can participate in various competitions and make use of their skills.

jízda na koni


Dancing is not a sport? Nonsense. Whether it is pole dancing, break dancing, belly dancing, aerobics, ballet, or even Zumba, dance improves fitness, tones the body, teaches you to listen to the beat of the music, and is incredibly fun. Dancing is not just for girls, as many believe. Talented male dancers may be fewer in number than female dancers, but they are in demand. Dance skills can be useful as an adult, in competitions, lessons, or as a skill to study. 22]

The purpose of martial arts is not to raise children to be fighters, but to teach self-control, self-defense, and overall self-awareness. The sport is suited to those who are willing to work hard and are full of energy. Boxing bags brilliantly extinguish anger, judo teaches proper striking techniques, and taekwondo is full of graceful movements.

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College Sports

College sports include football, floorball, handball, and field hockey. The purpose of these sports is to teach individuals the cooperative skills necessary to win. In fact, teams that communicate well, recognize the needs and abilities of their teammates, and work well together usually win. This experience will help them in the future when they have to work in teams.