How to Measure Water Temperature in a Pool

It has probably happened many times that you want to take a dip or just cool off in the pleasant waters of your backyard pool, but the water was too icy. Buy a water thermometer. Then, just by looking at it,you will always know exactly what temperaturethe water in your pool is in degrees Celsius. Wouldn\’t that be great?


Thermometers that float above the water
The thermometer has a floating buoy attached to it that keeps the thermometer\’s scale above the water surface. Therefore, there is no need to remove the thermometer from the pool if the water temperature needs to be checked. 20] Measurements in the range 0-40°C.

Thermometer with string
This thermometer has a string that can be tied to the edge of the pool to help pull it out of the water
It measures between 0 and 50°Cand is 17 cm long.

Round thermometer with float
This thermometer comes with a non-submersible float that ensures beautiful readability of the temperature scale above water. Again, there is no need to fish the thermometer out of the water when viewing the temperature display. The diameter of the round thermometer is 19 cm.

Digital thermometers solar
These thermometers consist of a solar battery on top. This recharges the internal battery, so there is no need to replace or take care of the batteries. They float and have a loop for a cord that can be pulled. The measuring range is0-50°Cand the thermometer has a diameter of 8 cm.


Make the right choice
Remember to look at the color combinations that suit you best. Make the right choice and don\’t forget other important aspects when making your choice. 47] You can find more interesting information at [48]. The Czech market has a wide selection of pool thermometers, please contact us. We offer only the best, so you can save a lot of time that you would have spent on researching all thermometers.