Modern Society

What is society? A society is a group of individuals characterized by common interests and may have its own culture and institutions. We usually think of society as referring to an entire nation or people.
Lidé, ruce, společný úspěch
I am interested in societies of young people who are considered bad, rude, etc. Since I belong to this group, let me explain this society from my point of view. I must admit that it is partially true that our generation is bad. Nowadays, most people think only of themselves and want only the best, the latest, and the most expensive things for themselves. No one thinks much about how they can fundamentally help society as a whole now. I think the big problem is that most young people these days think they can do anything, that nothing can happen to them, that nothing can stop them. They think they are the only ones on the planet who can do whatever they want. This is a pretty big problem because these people are used to getting away with everything and having everything their own way. Can you imagine if the three of them stood together and still stood their ground, not caring about anyone else\’s opinion, but still stubbornly pushing their own truth? What would happen? They could get bored and break up, or they could get into an argument that would be unbelievable and could lead to assault and murder. This version is truly horrifying, it is happening, and I think that is the biggest problem.
Státní společnost, státy, mapa
But it all happened in a completely mundane way. The parents were not strict enough in their parenting. As a result, their offspring became accustomed to being able to take it out on their parents because their parents tolerated it, and they would try it on everyone. And most importantly, if they are raised the way they saw their parents raise their children, they will practice the exact same thing on their own children, and that trend will continue because their children will also practice it on their own children. What will happen to this trend in a few years, or will it remain the same? What is certain, however, is that if one of our distant ancestors were to look at today\’s generation, they would be greatly shocked.