Dangers of Social Networking

Now, let\’s be honest, who doesn\’t use social networks these days: from teenagers to middle-aged and pensioners, all generations are using them. However, we must not forget that they can be very dangerous. Especially for those who do not understand it and trust it very much. This article presents some of the issues to watch out for.komunikace na mobilu

  1. Often someone will try to send you a message. This is because the message may be a messagein the form of a link which, when clicked, redirects you to a location

  1. where such a hacker can send a virus to your device. Therefore, do not send personal information, such as bank account information, passwords for various accounts, etc., via Internet messages. This is because it could easily happen that someone could hack into your accountand read everything you write to anyone. Therefore, never share your passwords over the Internet!

  1. A major drawback is that you never know 100% who you are communicating with. For example, you never know if you are writing to a fake account. Someone can impersonate someone else, create an account in their name, and post a photo. Then it is difficult to know if it is a fake account or not.

sociální sítě

  1. For example, the danger increases rapidly when logging on to a wireless network from a cell phone. Since these networks are usually not closed, they are more likely to be attacked. This is why hackers choose these networks as targets. If possible, do not log on to your bank or other important accounts via wifi signals. Someone can connect to your bank account via wifi and withdraw all the money in it.

  1. Do not share illegal videos or posts on the Internet.