How to Start Exercising Regularly Without Losing Motivation

A flat belly like a band cake, arm muscles that look ready to burst, perfectly toned glutes and thighs. The picture of the perfect man, as if ripped from the Greek ideal of beauty, the “kalokagatia.”But when you look in the mirror, don\’t you see such a sight? Want to change that but don\’t know what to do? It\’s not that difficult!
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When should I start practicing?
Anytime! In general, there is no lower or upper age limit that should restrict a person. This is because proper exercise not only strengthens muscles, but also has a very positive impact on overall health. There is no excuse for being too old. Exercise is a very broad term. These days, it is also appropriate to say that exercise helps relieve stress.
Choose the right kind of exercise!
Here comes the first difficult decision. Choosing the right type of exercise is extremely important. Beginning exercisers should first determine the goal of their endeavor. If you want to lose a few inches off your waist, there is no point in working your abs to death every day. Similarly, if your goal is to increase muscle mass, running is not the best option.
Examples of goals and appropriate exercises
– Weight and fat loss – circuit training (Crossfit), interval running
– Increased muscle mass – bodybuilding, weight training, flexibility exercises
– Increased agility and mobility – dynamic stretching, yoga, [22 Improving health with limited mobility – balancing exercises, some types of yoga, core exercises, breathing exercises
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Patience, perseverance, patience! [The basis of successful exercise is consistency and regularity. Most people give up after the first few weeks. It is important to understand that just because you are done exercising does not mean you will see results right away. The body needs time to absorb the amount of training and learn to cope with it. You need to stay motivated. Here are five tips to help:
1. Don\’t overestimate your strength – avoid overtraining and injury
2. Get enough sleep and recover – relaxed muscles work better
3. Invest – financial investment in season passes and equipment will keep you motivated
4. Know your body – those who understand how their muscles work are winning
5. record your performance – improvement level is a mental “engine”