Don’t feel alone

. By decidingto offer a protected workplacein your business, you are giving people with disabilities a chance. In their daily lives, these individuals have a variety of limitations and are unable to cope with a normal workload at a hundred paces.

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No longer a protected workshop.

So, if you want to hire people with disabilities in your company, do not ignore the regulations before January 1, 2018. Because after January 1, 2018, many things have changed.

With the amendment of Law No. 435/2005 on Employment, the so-called protected workplace was replaced by a new concept. Amendment No. 367/2011 Coll. introduced the concept of protected workplace.

This amendment clearly defined the newly created concept and gave clear rules on what employers must do to establish a protected workplace in order for the state to financially support such a benevolent measure.
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State assistance if conditions are met

1.As an employer, before submitting an application for an agreement to the Labor Department to be certified as an employer in the protected employment market, you must have at least 50% for 3 months The condition of employing persons with disabilities must be met.

2.Once the agreement is approved and signed,the employer may apply for a Disability Employment Support Allowancefor another three months. This allowance is paid retroactively.

3.Proof that the person is indeed disabled

4.Also,by transferringpayments to the person\’s account

5. And finally, this person must work at workrather than at home. They try to provide the same opportunities to work as healthy people.

By choosing to employ a disabled person,they also become a provider of compensation.

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