Women’s or Men’s?

Let\’s start with the fact that we don\’t know the sections of the men\’s and women\’s departments anymore, because the clothes are almost the same. Fortunately, we can distinguish colors, that is, only in some cases. Looking back, fashion has changed so much, it\’s hard to say whether it\’s good or bad! For men, my personal opinion is bad! In my opinion, men dress almost like women, tight pants on the body, tight T-shirts, shirts, coats, and not only that! I have found some crazy things that irritate me with men\’s fashion, and I want to share them with you!obchod s oblečením.jpg
When it is tight, it is attached to the body!
Why should men wear tight jeans, trousers and T-shirts? First, it does not look good at all, not to mention masculine. In some cases, a man reveals more than we want to see. Gold fashion of the 50s, where men dressed elegantly! I am not really attractive when a man has tight pants that are looming, his nature, it is not comfortable and healthy. As for tight-fitting T-shirts, especially for obese gentlemen, this is really too much, so it\’s better not to talk.
Only pink, it can be!
I do not want to blame anyone, even a gentleman who loves the pink color, but judge a little. Today, there is nothing strange that a man wears a pink shirt, tie, but seriously already trendy and men\’s bags, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, this color?In this color, there is nothing strange about men wearing pink shirts, ties. We are going to wear the same clothes, so soon we will not know if there is a man or a woman walking down the street!pánský oděv.jpg
Man or woman?
It\’s not just about clothes, it\’s about the overall look! It\’s no secret that men\’s hairdressers and hairdressers were widespread, because men began to take care of appearance, but it\’s nothing bad, but you know what you\’re saying, nothing should be exaggerated!As you know, you know what you know. It tends not to suit anyone. Whether you go by bus, subway or train, looking around you will see what all the men today are wearing. In my opinion, some things should remain taboo for gentlemen! Examples can be skirts, boots and even bags, this is simply a woman\’s problem!