Selling at Summer Music Festivals

If you are making your own products, the quickest way to sell them is at an outdoor booth. A market can take a long time, so what if it\’s a big music festival? Lots of people. Great atmosphere. You can work and play at the same time.
tma na koncertě
Yes, it can happen. But be careful!
Usually you have to sign up for summer festivals far in advance, sometimes January is too late. When making arrangements, always try to bargain. Sometimes organizers post their prices on their websites, but some are willing to negotiate. Use e-mail to contact them, but a sweet voice and a well-spoken girl can also use the phone. Sometimes the rent is halved with catchphrases such as “poor businessman, small booth,” etc.
It\’s also a good idea to ask around to see how many vendors offer similar products. Often, even at small events, a one-person or almost one-person stall can generate far more sales.
Sometimes there is no parking or camping on site. If you want to leave your car nearby, you may have to pay an extra uncomfortable amount for parking. It is also a good idea to call ahead of time.
Tents for such events should be sufficiently stable, waterproof, and easy to move. In our case, a German stand with scissor construction, purchased at auction for about 2000 CZK, proved to be a good choice. If there is no front wall (which our stand did not have), it can easily be made from a car tarp, black plastic, or similar material. At night, the stand and tarpaulin are secured with Velcro sewn onto the tarpaulin. A chain with a key is also recommended for selling expensive items.
limonáda stánek
If you have a choice, don\’t take up space near the stage. You may attract a lot of people, but you will end up leaving the event deaf and dumb. Also, you will not be able to sell more merchandise than normal because people are there to party and dance, not to shop. Not to mention the risk of drunks and dancers falling on your booth and demanding compensation for nothing.
Be expressive! The colors of your stalls, advertising boards, stands, baskets, and counters will greatly enhance your chances.