Noisy bus

I always wanted to be a better company. I enjoyed being able to talk to people, especially people who have the same worldview and different things as me. Because if you were in a company that only deals with space, you would get married. And you, for example, the universe was not interested in you at all, rather it will be a completely boring topic for you. So it is logical that in such a company you will not really want to find yourself. For example, if you are on a bus for a long journey. It happened to me before. I went to Brno. It was about 100 kilometers from my city. I just needed to sort something out there. I was sitting in the back of the bus because there was no one. I wanted peace to read the book. At the next stop, a group of 3 people stopped.

Máme rádi procházky.

And they got on the bus in the back. They were too manual. I really did not want such a company on the bus. I could not concentrate on reading and prepare for what to do in Brno. Besides, the company was really crazy and stupid. They were still laughing out loud and I had no idea what to do if I was sitting somewhere.

Mám ráda příjemnou společnost.

There was no other place to sit on the bus. The whole bus was full. So from now on, I\’m really careful where I\’m sitting.  I found out that this wild, stupid company is always sitting behind the bus. Since then, I\’ve only been sitting in the front or front seat of the bus. At least that way I can avoid weird company. And I have to tell you, it really is. When we got on the bus a few times, the noisy ones were always sitting in the back. Since then, I\’ve learned to never sit back. And have you already found yourself in an uncomfortable company?