Beware of Dangerous Children’s Sports

The sad fact that more and more children are obese does not change the fact that if we want our children to play sports, we must choose the right sports for them. Consideration must be given to whether elite sports and the stresses associated with them are appropriate for the developing child\’s bones, muscles, and whole body.
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The best thing for children is just to be outside, frolicking with friends, running, chasing and sweating. But today, kids are more interested in their cell phones, preferably sitting outside with an unhealthy bag of potato chips.
Selected sports can certainly be a solution, but not sports that harm children by overloading them. For example, field hockey or tennis overload the body with several hours of training, and without compensatory exercise, the body is exhausted and even at risk of developing heart disease!
Furthermore, we must not forget that parkour , which involves jumping over railings and concrete obstacles popular in apartment complexes, also carries high risks. This new form of exercise can cripple a child for life. Trampolining
jumpingis not without its risks, but unfortunately it is one of the most commonly injured areas.
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A sensible parent would not force their child to lift weights or box.
[48] [49] Gymnastics [50] [51] may be a beautiful sport, but little girls can develop serious joint problems if they peak too early! [Boys who are passionate about soccer should not be heading! The developing child\’s brain is soft and flexible. When such blows are inflicted regularly, the consequences do not wait until adulthood. A degenerative process begins, causing brain tissue damage and severe neurological impairment.
The problem is that when a child has an aptitude or talent for sports, parents tend to immediately regard them as famous athletes and try to get them to start training as soon as possible. What parents fail to realize is that they often lead their children to obstacles instead of the medal of their dreams.