Jan Deira Conservatory and High School

Education for those with special needs is not easy. Fortunately, we have a great tradition in this regard. For example, educating the blind is very difficult. Although integration is currently underway, it is true that certain special needs schools are irreplaceable.
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It is known that blind people often work in the field of music or massage. Currently, the Jan Dale Conservatory and High School of Music is accepting interested students. The Jan Dale Conservatory and High School of Music is a nationwide school that offers full-time accommodations. For blind youth, studying is not only an opportunity to receive an adequate education, but also an opportunity to become independent and free from parental care. Becoming independent has always been a difficult process for people with disabilities. Jan Deyr – renowned Czech ophthalmologist Let us recall that Jan Deyr was a Czech ophthalmologist who founded the Institute for the Blind, which focused on music education, where blind people were trained to become music teachers, piano tuners, and other professions. Jan Dale dedicated his life to the care of the blind. Just as Dr. Jedrzej Jedrzejczyka, founder of the Jedrzejczyka Institute, was to the physically handicapped, so Dr. Dale was to the blind.
The conservatory offers a six-year course in music or singing and the secondary school offers a four-year diploma in piano and related instrument tuning or a two-year course in piano tuning and cultural activities .
Teaching is, of course, a great demand for teachers, but also a great reward.
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It is true that many great musicians were or are visually impaired. In the Czech Republic, for example, Oscar Baum, an organist, journalist, and writer, and Jaroslav Jejek, the founder of Czech modern music, were severely visually impaired. Among foreign musicians, Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles are mentioned.