Zero waste bottles

A bottle of water is the most valuable thing that can be carried on a trip or walk in the summer. But it\’s not just summer. You should drink water throughout the day, so it\’s a good idea to have at least 1. But plastic bottles have a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, instead of buying a new bottle, you should consider buying one that will last you for a long time. It is good to take advantage of bottles from other materials by the fact that plastic is not very useful for health. Today, most bottles are made of tempered glass, and you can buy 1 of them.
láhev na pláži
Soulbottles is a German brand that produces 750ml or 1l bottles. They have a beautiful and imaginative design and the choice is great. Therefore, you will surely find yours. In the Czech Republic, bottles with souls are also popular, with caps made of metal, ceramic and rubber. Therefore, they are not harmful to the environment at all. But they are quite heavy, so when carrying a full bottle, you will soak a little. But thanks to the metal ears, it can be worn very well. In addition, the brand contributes only a small part of the money to organizations with a struggle to save the sea.
ReTap is probably a bit more practical bottle, as it also offers 0.3l, 0.5L and 0.8L. It has an interesting shape, and the lid is made of silicone. The small retap fits into your wallet and can be refilled with water anywhere. A big advantage is a lifetime warranty on breakage. Just send us an invoice and a photo so that we can clearly confirm that the broken bottle is being re-tapped. Shipping costs 117 crowns, which is much better than buying a new one at a full price. In addition, this money will be hidden on the site of your account.
úchytky na lahvích
Or you can choose to drink a bottle that has a lid made of wood and looks very interesting. They have ears for carbines and are sealed with neoprene. These bottles resemble the shape of a wine bottle, but when you drink water on the go, you will be happier than any alcohol. Especially if it is a really hot day.