Society and Prejudice

Society is a collection of individuals of different ages, genders, ethnicities, and nationalities. We can further divide societies by common interests. There are many definitions and characteristics. But what is important? In this paper, we understand society to be all the people in the world of all colors, races, ethnicities, genders, and ages.
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Prejudice is understood as a negative stereotype. It is not based on experience, but on hearsay and false beliefs.
Prejudice defines many things today. We instill certain prejudices in our children from an early age. Homeless people are bad people, black people are thieves, blondes are stupid, these are all prejudices. Do you think it is right for children to go through life with a negative view of a cause, a group, or a race? I think absolutely not. It is a common saying that “politicians are thieves,” and if a child hears that from a young age, they will think so too, and they will not vote because “all politicians are thieves.” …… Whether it is true or not, we are not letting individuals decide what they think, we are imposing our own opinions and group opinions through prejudice.
Today, prejudice is also used as a political tool. Political parties use our prejudice against Muslims, saying things like how they intend to exclude Muslims
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This is an example of using prejudice to gain favor in society. Even science has come to believe that prejudice is a tool we cannot live without.
In my opinion, prejudice is bad. Prejudice defines us, determines who we can be, and shines a negative light on those who don\’t remember being accused. Prejudice robs us of friendship, cooperation, freedom, clear thinking, etc. I cannot stand being told that all Muslims are bad because the Islamic State is a terrorist organization. Many Muslims are kind, hospitable, polite, and better behaved than many Europeans. So have your own opinion and do not spread prejudice any further.