Why Yes, why No

Try everything and why it shouldn\’t be a business. Of course, the big attraction is money, to do what suits you, to meet new things and new people.  These are strong enough reasons and temptations, many succumb and suddenly become entrepreneurs overnight, but it does not matter.
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Business in principle?
1.To Planning your time Your way may not be entirely true, but the reality is a little different after all. You don\’t have to get up at four o\’clock in the morning, but working three shifts on weekends and holidays, you can be very tough sometimes, and sometimes it can do some of your work in the comfort of your home also your ply, but the question is whether you will stick with it. If you get sick, you will certainly not only use this option, but also if you have small children and are tied to the opening hours of the kindergarten. The other side of the coin is that someone actually doesn\’t have time to repay you.
2.Higher income than what you used to be as an ordinary, ordinary employee of some company or government administration. But here, than elsewhere, “there is no cake without work.””It takes a while to really earn properly. Your efforts, diligence and self-denial, good business tactics, this is what should bring you a much desired financial effect.
3.In Certain areas that you want to pursue, even beyond the borders of our country, need to constantly improve and look for new ones. You should also have an overview of what is directly related to your type of business.
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4.You will not miss the time spent in the authorities with hordes of documents, the tax return is also not a walk in the park, you will have to pay insurance (social and health) for yourself. We\’d rather not even talk about paying taxes, these payments are expected directly from you. It is not only the constant struggle with those who do business in the same field, but also the joy of the slightest success – business.