Who does the accounting?

Whether you are a small sole proprietorship or a medium-sized business, proper bookkeeping can save you significant money now and in the future. Accountants and tax accountants can help with business accounting. However, their powers are clearly defined by law, and you should understand the differences before consulting anyone.
Tax Advisor= An individual who has passed the tax advisor examination and is qualified to perform tax advisory services. A tax advisor may calculate the amount of tax due, advise clients on how to reduce their tax burden, coordinate and check all tax procedures, liaise with tax authorities when necessary, and advocate for clients in tax proceedings, the tax procedures chosen for them.
Accountant= Natural or legal person with the required business license. The accountant\’s job is to keep double-entry books or tax records.

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Tax accountant vs. accountant

ü If you are a sole proprietor and keep tax records, the services of a tax accountant may be sufficient. With smart accounting software, you can keep your own tax records throughout the year, including receiving and issuing invoices and adding ledgers.
ü If you also keep more complex stock and personnel records in your tax records, don\’t hesitate to use the services of a good accountant.
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ü Any corporation with double-entry bookkeeping obligations should always outsource its bookkeeping to an accountant. You can teach yourself how to do double-entry bookkeeping with computer programs, but you will need to supplement your education with specialized courses to learn how to do it, cheating you of the time you should be devoting to your own business.
ü Always consult a tax accountant when it comes to accounting. If you have the opportunity to consult one during the year, do not hesitate to do so. A tax accountant can advise you on how to optimize your tax payments.
ü Errors in the tax return prepared by your tax advisor are the insurance responsibility of the advisor himself, but errors in the tax return prepared by your accountant are your responsibility. Therefore, either prepare the tax return yourself or outsource it to a tax accountant.