Things that foster generational conflict

Generational conflict may seem relatively new, but it is not. The first evidence of it dates back to ancient Greece. Yet it is true that it is higher today than ever before.This phenomenon can be observed almost daily, especially on social media. One often sees comments from the older generation that “the young can\’t do anything and won\’t last long,” and conversely from the younger generation that “the old are too boneheaded and stupid.”

It goes without saying that generalizing is not a good thing. For even among people of the same generation there are great differences, not only in appearance, but also, for example, in their approach to politics.The latter is one of the main causes of this conflict. In elections, individual candidates usually find themselves targeting either older or younger voters. Thus, it is clear that voters in one group resent voters in the other.

moderním vynálezům je někdy těžké porozumět

Of course, much of this credit is given to politicians, but not all of it. The current fast-paced lifestyle, which always brings new innovations and new ways of thinking, also plays a role. They fail to appreciate many of the new conveniences and attitudes and are frustrated that they are, as they say, “missing the train.”

staří lidé mají stále ještě co nabídnoutstaří lidé mají stále ještě co nabídnout

On the other hand, young people often accept new things almost uncritically and feel strong frustration at not being understood by their grandparents. It is also true that some of the values their grandparents professed are not entirely unhelpful today. Unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, neither generation is willing to listen to the other.

It is arguable that this is not an ideal situation. But as it stands, there does not seem to be much that can be done about this. At least until politicians stop using this.