The counterfeiter of money, he has hard bread

Since currency was created, so was the idea of how it could be counterfeited. Some of the workshops of coin counterfeiting still remain on our territory.
– Today they are considered interesting tourist attractions, but at the time they played their part, they were not so welcoming. [on the contrary,
if someone committed the crime of counterfeiting money, he or she was usually punished by the executioner with severe bodily harm.
euro bankovky na šňůře

Today, hands are no longer cut off or burned at the stake for such crimes, but counterfeiting is of course still considered a crime. It is astonishing how many counterfeit banknotes are uncovered by the Czech National Bank in a single year. 2016 was a fruitful year: more than 3.5 thousand counterfeit banknotes were uncovered in the CNB network. These were incrownas well as ineuros and dollars.Some are so expertly perfect that it is impossible to identify them as forgeries with the naked eye. Even for experts, it is difficult.
dvoustovka v ruce

Pictured money

Forging the first banknote would not be attractive to today\’s counterfeiters. After all, they did not have the technology to do the job for them. Thus, they must have been skilled draughtsmen who could perfectly imitate the image of a real banknote.
o Today, their job is much easier.
o An ordinary scanner or copier is sufficient. The biggest problem
is to align the two sides exactly opposite each other. [45] However, even a skilled counterfeiter can handle it. One of the most important things is the quality of the paper. [Even a layman can tell that something is wrong because of the material used. Real banknotes do not fray or fold. They have no luster. Another problem that counterfeiters have to crack is the structure of the banknotes. [49] The real thing has embossing. To achieve this effect, numismatists use a variety of varnishes and colors. Then, after all their hard work, the experts come along and all their work goes to waste.