Step by Step to a Perfectly Clean Pool

Often forgotten and highly neglected, however, is to always shower before entering the pool. This is to prevent dust, dirt, and sunscreen from entering the pool, which can adversely affect the cleanliness of the water. It is equally important to keep an eye on children, especially young children, to prevent them from throwing sand into the pool or washing their toys in the sandbox
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If you own a pool in your cottage or garden but do not use it very often, it would be ideal to have a roof or cover over it. This will prevent contamination by fallen leaves and small insects. Covering the pool also has the effect of maintaining the water temperature and against mechanical contamination.It is not always necessary to invest in a roof, and covers can also provide quality service.

How do you maintain clean water?

Proper and regular maintenance of pool water is essential for maximum comfort and health. With proper

everything becomes manageable.

There are two methods of perfect care and maintenance for keeping pool water clean: mechanical and chemical cleaning. In mechanical cleaning, it is important to perform regular filtration throughout the summer season. At the same time, it is important to clean the filters frequently and to clean other filtration devices.

A variety of effective products are available to properly chemically clean pool water. At the same time, the use of chlorine stabilizers and neutralizers along with these products is also recommended. With regard to the chlorine content of pool water, up to 3 milligrams per liter of water is optimal. Chlorine-free water maintenance is increasingly preferred. At the same time, it is very gentle on human skin. Chlorine-free water maintenance includes ozone treatment and seawater treatment. However, this requires a higher financial investment. However, this is an investment in health, which is always worthwhile.
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Methods to control and remove algae in the water

Algae occurs especially during prolonged hot weather, but also during rain and summer storms. Algae occurs on the walls of the pool. This makes it a very fertile breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. An effective way to remove algae and prevent algae blooms is to regularly use products specifically designed for the treatment.