Technology for All

I remember when my grandmother bought me my first watch. Of course, I wanted more toys. Because I was a kid for a really long time, and even in my twenties I still liked toys, and when I was fifteen my grandfather told me that a watch was important to any person, and that I should get one for myself. My grandmother told me she would buy me a watch.

Technika někdy překvapí.

It looked rather classic, like gold, a beautiful classic. At the time, I didn\’t really know what a modern watch was, so I was more likely to take my grandmother\’s and grandfather\’s opinion and buy a really beautiful silver-plated classic watch. I was really happy and my grandmother explained everything to me because he was pretty clueless about how to actually handle the watch since it only had two screws to wind the watch. I was very much afraid of technology, because I thought technology was something my father did, for example, when he was welding or repairing things in the garage, or using a power drill or an electric saw.

Technicky vyspělý mobilní telefon.

I thought I could actually learn more about technology, so I sat down at the computer and looked at watches and different technologies. And guess what I was most interested in? I thought I could do a course on repairing watches. It\’s really fun. Luckily I have good eyesight, so I decided to take a course in watch repair and get a job that I would enjoy. I can\’t believe I like repairing watches.