Selecting Underwear Sizes

We all wear underwear indiscriminately. Some people prefer comfortable underwear, while others value beauty. Whichever type we prefer, it is important that our undergarments fit us well. Women in particular want to have beautiful breasts, and if a bra fits them well, they will definitely have them
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For example, do not make the mistake of thinking that if you choose a bra that is smaller than your bust size, you will look sexy. On the contrary, your breasts will overflow in all directions. Needless to say, such cleavage is not medically appropriate.
Therefore, at least once you should visit a store that specializes in selling lingerie. The saleswoman will certainly be able to advise you on how to choose the correct size.
It is not only women who should be careful to choose the right underwear. The same goes for men.
If you choose the wrong size, this relatively small garment can make your day quite unpleasant. Remember that underwear must be comfortable and hygienic. The key to choosing the right underwear is the same for both women and men.
1. consider your body shape when choosing underwear. A person with a symmetrical body shape can easily choose clothing of any size.
2. it depends on what purpose the underwear will be used for. If you sport underwear, you will need it for wearing during the day or for a night out with your significant other.
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For men, shorts or briefs?
Purely from a health standpoint, shorts are more advantageous. Tight briefs may pose a risk of testicular cancer in men.
Men should choose briefs when playing sports.
When choosing underwear, make sure it is made of good quality materials