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You can now buy any amount of nice lingerie, both in physical stores and online. However, quality lingerie that makes you feel good needs to be sought out, and most importantly, tried on. In general, natural materials feel better on the skin than artificial ones. But where and how do we look for information?
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The basics of everyday clothing are underwear.

Women\’s Underwear
For women, it must fit just right on the body without pinching or scratching. Bras must be the proper size and volume so that they do not stick out or protrude. The saleswoman will be able to give you proper advice on sizing. For larger sizes, the width of the straps must be considered. Fine bras for women are usually made of blended materials with a high percentage of cotton or viscose.
Undergarments should be such that one can barely feel them when they touch the body. Improperly chosen underwear can cause discomfort throughout the day.
Types of bras for women
– Push-up – lifts and enlarges the breasts
– Sports – holds the breasts even under heavy loads
– Decolletage – low-centered bras suitable for large necklines
– Seamless – no padding no underwire or reinforcement
– padded – tightens and shapes the bust
– bardot – brassiere with straight cut cups, suitable for large cleavage
– underwire
– no underwire
For women\’s health, brassieres should be made of cotton should be made of 100% cotton. However, every woman wants to have beautiful panties. However, these are made of mixed materials. When choosing such lingerie, it is important to concentrate on what material the insert in the private part is made of. It should be cotton.
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Types of Women\’s Panties
– Classic
– High
– Drawstring
– Hipster – Panties with a lowered waist
– Bikini
– Boyshorts – Panties with legs
– T-back Just a thin strip of material between the buttocks.
– Tonga – low briefs with a thin strip of material between the buttocks – String – drawstring briefs

Men\’s underwear [54] [55] Some men prefer the freedom of shorts, while others prefer boxers or briefs. However, these should not have cutouts or, conversely, be too large in size. For men\’s comfort and health, high-quality men\’s underwear is made of cotton.
Types of men\’s underwear
– Boxers – underwear that fits snugly around the legs
– Briefs – underwear that fits loosely around the legs. Linen and flannel shorts are well known. [61] – Briefs – legless underwear that relatively secures the male pubic area [62] – Underpants – jerkin – long legged underwear [63].