Did the ancients have advanced technology?

Ancient peoples such as the Egyptians and Mayans have fascinated humanity for a very long time. It is just as well, for they were able to build structures that we still marvel at today, and at the same time they were well versed in the medicine and astronomy of their time.No wonder many are convinced that they were of a much higher caliber than is generally believed and had skills that would astonish us. After all, how else could they have produced such great work?

egyptské pyramidy

The pyramids are a prime example, especially as the individual stones are so perfectly joined without mortar that even a razor blade could not push through. This is almost impossible even with modern tools. So how did they do it?

The answer is no. Simply put, for the thousands of years that the pyramids stood, the stones were literally on top of each other by gravity. This is a familiar effect to virtually all builders and architects. And unlike conventional bricks, these stones were much heavier and also overlapped each other for much longer periods of time. No wonder there are almost no gaps between the stones.

mayská pyramida

As for medicine, it was certainly an incredible feat for its time. However, life expectancy was much shorter than today. They could straighten bones and even crack skulls, but they could not deal with viral or bacterial diseases.We also need to consider what resources were available at the time. For example, the ancient Egyptians were unaware of iron and used bronze instead. Of course, bronze is much softer and more fragile. This is why bronze is not used in virtually any industry today.In short, they were certainly high-level people in their time, but only because they were human, and humans are intelligent and resourceful. That is the secret of their success.