Playing sports is good for you

Do you sit in front of your computer every day and the only movement you make in a day is going to the refrigerator to get food? Then you are not in a very good shape, at least as far as fitness is concerned. You should be moving around more, otherwise your passive posture may have a negative impact on your health. There are many diseases that can develop in this way, many of which can even have tragic consequences. There is no need to break records; light exercise is often sufficient. Of course, caution must be exercised. It should not be weight training, but so-called aerobic exercise, that is, exercise that maintains a heart rate of about 130 beats per minute. This not only strengthens the heart muscle but also improves lung capacity and blood flow. How can this be achieved?
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1. Running – Seemingly a mundane exercise that anyone can do, but make no mistake. Not everyone can run! It\’s basically just walking fast, but most people aren\’t very good at walking either. Few can boast that they are not blessed with a muscular imbalance. And this is most evident in running. If you are doing the wrong formulaic movements, you can do a lot of harm to yourself. Your knees, heels, and back may hurt. If you want to run, get yourself checked out first.
2. Cycling Cycling – Cycling is much better. Even if there is a muscle imbalance, in this case it shouldn\’t be much of a problem. Depending on your physique, a bicycle can get you anywhere you want to go. However, quality bikes tend to be expensive and also require a homologation helmet, which is not cheap.
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3. Rotoped – If you want to ride a bike but don\’t want to spend much money, you can try a treadmill. These are usually much cheaper; for as little as 3,000 kronor, you can get a good model there. You can ride an exercise bike while wearing headphones or watching your favorite show in front of the TV. The key is to ride regularly and not too intensively. The Rotoped, with its heart rate sensor, is very useful in this regard.