Every society is different. I remember myself in elementary school. Of course, it was many years ago, but I remember everything and even some situations very precisely. I was bullied in the fifth grade. To tell you the truth, I don\’t know why. In elementary school, I hadn\’t changed at all. I didn\’t gain weight, I didn\’t change my hair, I didn\’t change my grade. But elementary school society is really different, and as I found out, elementary school society can change a lot.

Společnost je velmi různá.

And then I also really wonder how a lot of students choose who to bully. On what basis, and why, even if I were the same? But society doesn\’t seem to pay attention to that. It all started one day at school. It was a perfectly normal day at school, a normal weekday. But it was still different. During class, there was a pin on my chair. I thought it was a mistake, so I took it off and put it in the trash.”

Společnost je někdy krutá.

Only in the bathroom did someone joke around and open the door and start laughing. Why do they do that and what is the point? These accidents and mishaps happened every day, sometimes twice a day, with wet chairs, snacks missing from bags, paper and chalk being thrown around. Why they did that, I could not figure out. And what bothered me the most was that my best friend had joined their side. That\’s society. We would rather side with the majority because we don\’t want to stand out. And they don\’t care if it is right or wrong. My friends never stood up for me, they just bowed their heads and walked away from me. Even the teachers noticed, but they didn\’t address it, as if they were blind. Teachers: after all, they are supposed to help and set an example in society, but unfortunately even that is not right.