Internet advertising, both beneficial and annoying

The current digital age has brought the need to be “seen” not only for all businesses and politicians, but also for artists and those who need to be “seen.”
Different times require different methods of presentation; in the early 1990s, public relations was limited to print media and television, but today the situation is radically different. Tatum was at a time when viewers responded positively to all television advertising and trusted it implicitly.
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Today\’s viewers react very passively, having been numbed by more than two centuries of various advertising campaigns and having learned to let advertising penetrate their subconscious. The only exceptions are well-crafted projects with original ideas and appeal to popular personalities. Statistics show that TV ads appeal most to the target group of 15-30 year olds, which is very important for all companies producing products for children, students and young people.
And it is thanks to this target group that advertising on the Internet is widespread.

At first it was only banners
Even though the Internet was initially presented as a “free and non-commercial network”, since the mid-1990s the Internet has also been flooded with advertising In the mid-1990s, the Internet also began to be flooded with advertisements. At first they were plain images (banners) in jpg format, but were later improved to animated gif format. Today, a combination of animated banners and flash banners is the norm.
Basic banner ad formats:
– Leaderboard 745 x 100 px
– Square banner 250 x 250 px, 300 x 300 px
– Sky scraper 120 x 600 px, 160 x 600 px
Rectangle 300 × 250 px, 234 × 60 px, 300 × 60 px, 468 × 60 px
– Icon 88 × 31 px

This advertising method was initially very successful, but over time it became “annoying” to consumers. Some sites began to overload their content with so many advertisements that they became “annoying” to consumers. As a result, a significant number of users began using various filtering programs, such as AdBlock and similar applications that do not display banner ads.
Advertising companies thus began to use native advertising (commercial articles), and in 2004 Facebook was created and they extended their influence to FB profiles. 28]
– Websites
– Social networks (Facebook Book, Instagram)
-Direct mail
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The basis of today\’s corporate presentation is the website. Companies use websites to provide comprehensive information about the company\’s origins, history, products, and contact information
Social networks play an important complementary role to websites because they reach target audiences directly. In addition to basic information, social networks can be used for multimedia competitions, online broadcasts, and above all, immediate feedback from potential clients.

Direct mail is a specific form of advertising used to contact only those customers who agree with this form of presentation.
There is no doubt that today\’s Internet is cluttered with advertising that can be annoying. But on the other hand, Internet advertising can be used to draw immediate attention to the need to help those in need. For example, to promote a charity project or to draw attention to the search for a missing person. Advertising on the Internet is a kind of “necessary evil” to which we must become accustomed.