4K for a successful website

Website development is not in vain, even if you might think so. You should see it as a useful investment in the future. Why? Just because the user creates a first impression in about 1 second. And it\’s only so much time that you have to be interested in him. How to do it.

The absolute basis isweb design,structure, andqualitycontent. This all changes over time, so it\’s a good idea to update it regularly. Follow the current trends and you will know exactly what to choose colors, fonts and other little things that people notice at first glance. It follows that you must always be the first to do research, market and competition analysis.
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Build a community of fans. Actively engage on social networks and communicate with potential and real clients. A perfect example is a bookstore. Martinus.cz… They treat customers like friends and organize competitions, reading clubs, and many other projects in the online and offline world. Organize interesting events that inspire and attract attention.


Don\’t talk to customers like a book. You can be polite and informal at the same time. The main thing is to choose 1 style and tone of communication that you will comply with. Develop a manual that all employees follow. In this way, you can not crash the system and at the same time differentiate yourself from competitors.


Conversion means that the user does exactly what he or she wants to do. You have to guide them through each step. Click here and go there etc. So, you get the client from the beginning to the completion of the order. This is the goal of all campaigns and projects.
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This is important in all areas of business and marketing. You can test every part of your site, preferably by yourself. For example, do a survey and ask what to change on the site. Constructive criticism from the target customer is always the most valuable. But you can also handle simple tests in-house.