How to Create Text Suitable for Publication on the Web

What web users prefer
ConcisenessClarity Objectivity
Concisenessmeans including only the necessary information in the text, nothing more.
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Clarity is:
– emphasizing main ideas
– short paragraphs
– using key words

for objectivity suppressing personal feelings and opinions. Users are primarily looking for information and facts.

Users want:
– clear navigation aids
– evidence of author credibility
– informal style

Think about your site visitors
Designing and building a website means [Designing and building a website means maximizing the satisfaction of different typesof visitors.

Types of visitors:
Visitorsstay on a page for a few seconds.
UserWants to take action:
– Buy a product
– Register on a forum
– Get practical information

Reader Browses the site and actually wants to read it.
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Quantity and classification of information
Create structured pages so that readers can easily create an overview of what is available on the site and find more detailed information if they wish.

Splitting means dividing information into easy-to-understand sections that fit on the monitor screen.

Classify means to lump together into a specific category, summary, or group.

Other recommendations:
1. Headings that tell visitors where they are.
2. write your message in one sentence.
3. Convey the necessary information so that each paragraph uses no more than 100 characters.
4. create links to other pages. Include a hyperlink on each page that takes the visitor back elsewhere, perhaps to the home page.

Calls to Action
Calls to action help keep users\’ attention so they do not leave the page prematurely. Provide the necessary solution and encourage the user to read more about the site.
Suggested actions for users:
– Search for information
– Post in a discussion forum
– Buy something
– Contact someone
– Go to another page

What actions visitors can take Clearly and clearly explain what actions visitors can take. Keep your design simple, with as few clicks as possible, and with concise, most basic instructions. Speak directly to your readers and encourage them to take action. It doesn\’t have to be just a discount or other financial incentive. Sometimes it is enough to simply tell them what they will get if they take the desired action.

Hyperlinks are an effective tool when writing web pages. Unlike traditional headings,hyperlinks serve two purposes:
1. to help readers navigate a topic or offering
2. to serve as a means of transportation to get where the reader wants to go.

Types of hyperlinks
§ Headings
§ Keywords in the text
§ Titles in the text
§ Instructions

Hyperlinks often use contextual help that provides brief information about the link and encourages the reader to click.

Once you have created a clear, objective website, you need to make it more concise. Proceed at three levels: paragraphs, sentences, and words. 15]

All text should fit on the screen without scrolling. Use summaries, short paragraphs of 100 words or less, and topic sentences (even in bold) at the beginning of each paragraph.
Use lists, including lists of hyperlinks.
Sentence structure is also important. Keep sentences as short and simple as possible, avoiding lengthy ideas, passive links, and redundant words. 25 words or two lines should fit.
Since you are writing for the general public, use common language.

Keep the visual elements of your document simple. Organize the document clearly.
Use legible fonts (Arial, Verdana, Tahoma). Use a font size of 12 points or larger.
Avoid over-emphasis and underline hyperlinks.
Do not use multiple colors. Use red and blue only for hyperlinks.
Consult an expert if possible.