3 Days in Budapest

You could stay in the Hungarian capital for a month and never get bored, but in Budapest, where you can only stay a few days, you need to plan carefully what you want to do so as not to miss anything of interest.
v noci budapešť
Getting around and staying overnight
There are many ways to get around Budapest. Train, plane, and carpooling with a well-known server are very reasonably priced. For example, round-trip airfare from Prague starts at CZK 1,200, and Czech trains from Ostrava start at CZK 990 with early booking.
As for accommodations, it depends on what your priorities are when traveling. Whether you prefer more luxury or more modest facilities, there is always a choice. Also, even if you are relatively close to the center, you can easily find inexpensive accommodations for about 200 CZK per night. Of course, there is also the so-called local fee of about 40 CZK for living in the center.

Day 1
In my opinion, one cannot really get to know this city without seeing it at night. For this reason, I would choose a late connection (it is often cheaper) and head to Budapest at night after checking in. The sights are beautifully lit up, the streets are crowded, and restaurants attract customers with outdoor seating, interesting decorations, or irresistible smells. A quick stroll will tempt you to either preferstreet foodor fine dining (evenMichelin starscannot avoid this city)
Day 2
Finally a chance to enjoy the city during the day and notice what you did not have time to see at night You\’ll get a chance to see what you didn\’t have time to see at night. What are the most typical ones?
– The Parliament
– The Fisherman\’s Bastion
– St. Stephen\’s Temple
– St. Matthias Church
– Buda Castle
– Freedom Bridge
maďarsko parlament
Day 3
On the last day, we recommenda place near Keleti train station. Not only is the station itself worth seeing, but the impressive Heroes\’ Square is nearby, and the zoo is also worth a visit.
[46] Have a nice trip!