Herbs – Green Gold

Choosing a Habitat
Growing herbs is not difficult as long as you choose the right habitat and provide optimal watering. If growing them in pots , you can\’t go wrong if you buy good quality, large enough pots and a special soil suitable for growing herbs, ideally with a high percentage of peat and a layer of coarse sand or gravel underneath.
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In the garden,choose a sunny spot protected from the wind, but again consider the type of herb. For example, mint and bear garlic are better suited to partial shade. As a rule, these plants are better suited to light soil types.
Herbs also have the advantage of being compatible with other plants, such as flowers and vegetables. The aromatic substances in herbs keep insects away and protect them from certain diseases and fungi.
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Where can I buy them?
Growing from purchased seeds is of course an option, but it should be remembered that this is a somewhat time consuming process and not always successful. It is much more reliable to purchase pre-grown seedlings for planting. [These plants are usually intended for direct consumption as seedlings and are not suitable for further cultivation, as they often have moldy roots.
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If the herbs are grown in a garden, the fertilizer requirements are minimal, but if they are grown in pots, they need to be lightly fertilized every two weeks or so. For this reason, it is necessary to start by selecting an appropriate and sufficiently nutritious growing medium, as mentioned above. When choosing a fertilizer, it is not a bad idea to consult a specialty store, as different herbs require different fertilizers. Of course, choose organic fertilizers.
Harvesting and other care
As for watering, first make sure to do it regularly. For most species, small amounts of water are sufficient, and overwatering is rather harmful.
The small green flowers should be harvested as needed, with the most aromatic content on sunny, clear days. They should also be picked regularly to maintain growth and budding.