Game machine Yes or no

I was in this position too. I bought a gaming laptop mainly for MOBA games and also for work to school. I knew I wouldn\’t run the latest games in maximum detail on this laptop, but it somehow didn\’t bother me. I was wondering if it was worth buying a game console.
I now know that it is. Why? If you also buy a TV, you can play, for example, from your warm and comfortable bed. It comes in handy more time than you say. You will soon get bored and do not want to go back to PC games.
It is also great that the console offers many games that are not on the computer. It\’s also great to play with your family, friends or your partner. Just turn on the console, TV, play the game and enjoy. Without getting up from the couch or bed.
závislý hráč
Convenience is the main domain of the console.  You don\’t have to set anything in the game, you don\’t have to worry that the game won\’t work. You just sit and play. The downside is that most games only have 1 frame per 30 seconds. This isn\’t really much, but the console is so optimized that even a console game that doesn\’t appear right next to a game running at 60 frames per second is logically less detailed. But this problem is irrelevant when you look at the game from a greater distance, and in my opinion, not everyone cares about not seeing a great distance, certain details being a bit lower, etc.
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So if you like to play games and don\’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive gaming computers, the console is right for you.
I highly recommend PlayStation 4. It offers the most games you will not play anywhere. It has a great price/performance ratio and you will definitely never get bored with it. Just point out that shooters, MOBA games and strategies are not exactly the domain of these consoles. Both because of the low FPS and the drivers that are not optimal for these games. Even if you want to play some of it, you can connect the keyboard and mouse. However, strategy games and MOBA games can only be played on PC.