From a necessary evil to a healthy lifestyle or gluten-free

When I started eating gluten-free a year ago, it was for health reasons. I perceived gluten-free to be a necessary evil and restrictive . All of us would invariably pass by a savory bakery at some point, forcing us to change direction on our walk, and then go out and buy a dress or an English roll. Pizzerias, fast food joints, restaurants, all of these tempt you from time to time. But then you get sick again, wandering in a vicious cycle of guilt and self-doubt,and how do you trade
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what you no longer have many times,for a lifestyle that you enjoy and is not merely an annoyance?
chléb a obilí
I have been thinking about the benefits of a gluten-free diet, but there is one aspect that cannot be ignored. We have only one health, and how we take care of it is entirely in our hands (as clichéd and old wisdom as it may sound). If we feel better without gluten and worse with it, why would we willingly harm ourselves? Of course, if you do not suffer from celiac disease or allergies to gluten, wheat, or other grains, then following this diet is pointless. Some studies suggest that excessive consumption of wheat and gluten (e.g., white bread) is not healthy, while others deny it. In my opinion, it is a good idea to “walk the middle ground” and eat nothing too much and nothing too little.
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When you are already feeling healthy without gluten,you are probably still wondering what to eat.The Internet is full of interesting recipes, useful links, and recommendations. You may be surprised to learn that not few, but not many, people follow this diet, and the Internet is an ideal place to share experiences. (I\’m no expert, and I\’ve only been on the diet for a little over a year.) I\’ll try to answer some frequently asked questions.Yes and no. People who follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons have a slightly different experience with gluten (un)tolerance. A safe daily intake is reported to be approximately 20-50 mg of the allergen. The manufacturer\’s declaration on the package that “product may contain trace amounts” is a voluntary precaution, indicating that the food was processed in a factory where gluten foods are also processed. However, the amount of allergens in these foods should be negligible.
2. How can we keep our diets economical? [It depends on which foods you buy and where you buy them. Unfortunately, gluten-free foods tend to be more expensive, but you may be able to find affordable options at specialty stores and bakeries. Also, check with your insurance company, they may pay a certain amount if you collect receipts.
3. What alternatives should you use?There are many options. You can use potato starch to thicken the sauce, or you can opt for gluten-free flour.
Bottom line: don\’t worry! And closed doors open new doors.