Drain Odors – How to Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Common causes of smelly drains
As with any household problem, investigating the cause can help. The cause of the smell of garbage can be found in the way it is used. In addition to sewage, foreign objects such as hair, shampoo residue, and food scraps automatically enter the drain almost every day. However, on their way down the drain, these foreign substances get trapped in the drain pipes and become a breeding ground for bacteria, which sooner or later causes the odor to develop. Apart from deposits in the pipes, another cause of odorous drains is less frequent, but instead very rare. If the drain is seldom used or has not been used for a long period of time, water is left to accumulate in the siphon. Old water can also produce odors. Rarely, improper installation of the plumbing system can be the cause. If concerned, professional advice should be sought.
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What to do if the drainage smells? If the odor is due to one of these reasons, help is not difficult. Usually, simply flushing with water a few times will solve the problem. If this solution is not satisfactory, add hot water as needed.
Is the odor caused by debris in the drainpipe? In this case, the debris must be removed to provide a permanent solution. Therefore, there are several proven home remedies that can be done quickly and easily without hassle.
● The standard remedy for smelly drains is a combination of soda and vinegar. For best results, pour about four teaspoons of soda down the drain. Then add a small amount of vinegar, about half a cup, soak for 10 minutes, and rinse with a liter of hot water. The efficiency of this method is based on the chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar,but its vapors are harmful to human mucous membranes! [Thus, it is necessary to keep a sufficient distance from the drain and furthermore, to protect the eyes.
● Is there cola in the refrigerator? The substance in this drink works well for drain odors. Leave it in the drain overnight and rinse it out with hot water the next morning.
● Salt also effectively neutralizes odors. Two tablespoons are needed for a clear effect and should be left in place for 30 minutes.
If the above drain cleaning methods do not work, mechanical cleaning of the pipes is inevitable. Unscrew the siphon, clean it with a wire brush, and reinstall it. Placing a bucket under the pipe will prevent water from running onto the floor during cleaning.
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As effective as cleaning may be, it is better to prevent it. However, to deal with this problem only occasionally, even simple methods should significantly reduce the cause of clogging. Use a trash filter that collects coarse debris. Cleaning this filter daily will keep the air in the home in good condition.