You must know how to run

If someone wants to lose weight fast and hates gyms and fitness centers, which, incidentally, are now inaccessible and closed. They believe that by running, they can whip off the excess weight. It\’s certainly admirable to try to take up a sport, but you mustn\’t destroy your body right away. You have to know how to run. Running is a science of sorts, and many orthopedic surgeons will tell you about it.

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However, if you want to start running, take the time to choose the right shoes. Find a specialty store and look for athletic shoes designed for running. The right shoes have a quality sole, are lightweight, and feel like nothing is on your feet. Make sure the running shoes have at least an inch of space in front of the toes. You should choose shoes that are one size larger, or at least a half size larger, because when you run, your foot moves forward when you step on it and the shoe dents. It is also important that the shoes are the right width. The foot should not be so overworked that the shoe tears under tension or the little toe comes out! When buying running shoes, find a specialty store with a treadmill and run on the treadmill with your new shoes. By doing so, you will find that the new shoes fit you perfectly. If you return them after running in the park, you probably won\’t get your happiness and your money back.

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Don\’t be shy about asking and talking to store experts. They are trained and often sell runners themselves in specialty stores and can advise you on different shoes for training and racing.
Don\’t be afraid to get ahead of yourself should you race. You will have to run dozens of miles before you can sit down with not only shoes, but also new strength, breathing, and free time.