World Lighting Championship

I think it is very simple. It is just the kind of thing that our peers compete against each other for.

Kerosene lamps, candles, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, discharge lamps, and LED fluorescent bulbs sit next to each other at the starting line. When the starting shot is fired, these illuminate as far forward as possible. The candles and kerosene lamps go out after a while, the light bulbs burn out prematurely and run out of power, and the light from the lastLED fluorescent lamp mentioned

runs across the finish line as the winner.

Then there is a second event, for example, the high jump. The flames of the candles and kerosene lamps stick very close to the ground, and the bulbs begin to cause problems when their filaments reach halfway up into the sky.

Similar to the long jump, the flame strikes the ground just beyond the reflection line, the bulb crests in a huge burst of energy, The ice fluorescent lamp will thus fly the farthest, free as a bird.

When throwing light far, at the first bend the candle will be blown away by the wind, the kerosene will overflow from the lamp, the bulb will spin out of its socket,and the LED fluorescent lamp will thus throw light the furthest.

Who will be the last to stand at the podium? It will be the fluorescent lamp. All other lighting fixtures will pale before her in defeat, but only she will be there first, shining and glowing.
žárovka na kabelu

Of course, this is all fiction. Because luminaries cannot come back to life, they cannot deal with each other in the human spirit. Such things can only happen in fairy tales.

But otherwise, the mentioned and unmentioned luminaries compete with each other today and every day. Who will win this duel? The answer should come as no surprise.

And if you were to bet on the winner, I can strongly recommend that “led”. Who is simply in good shape and cannot lose in any way?

And if you don\’t want to lose either, take advantage of the opportunities you are given and bet safely. on a winner you know in advance.

And lose in perhaps the only way possible. Namely, that the shining ice was not always allowed to put up a fair fight. It would have won anyway, but that\’s beside the point.

It\’s a little disappointing that we didn\’t get to confront a regular light bulb. The powers that be in this world disqualified her from official power after a brief duel. Because she was too “doped” with electricity.