Why global Climate Change is such a Problem

Everyone has heard the word global warming. But few people have an exact idea of what this means. Most people think it\’s just going to be warm – and what\’s the problem? After all, plants thrive better in warm weather, right?

Unfortunately, it is not so simple. “Global Warming” is not an exact name. Much more appropriate is “global climate change.” It explains him much better. Sure, we will have much higher temperatures in the summer months, but this is not the only result we will encounter.

vypouštění skleníkových plynů

In many cases, you may encounter extreme weather events such as severe storms, tornadoes, and strong winds. In winter, record frosts can also be experienced, but now they are protected from them by gulf currents.

All this means, among other things, that the species of animals and plants move more northward. This can already be observed, when several species of insects, previously known only from the Mediterranean region, appeared in South Moravia. This can lead to problems with the balance of the current ecosystem, not to mention new diseases, leishimatosis, etc., which the current wildlife population is not prepared for.

obrázek, který bude stále častější

Of course, the whole process is, among other things, about the extinction of species, especially those that are not able to adapt to the new environment and adapt quickly enough to changing conditions. Of course, similar warming has happened before, but at a much slower rate. This means that individual species had quite a lot of time to adapt.

Of course, it is also discussed how much a person affects the whole situation. And the latest report suggests something really big. Of course, warming itself is not entirely his fault, but the pace at which it is progressing and its scale.

Greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, are responsible. It is not as strong as some others, but it remains in the atmosphere for a very long time, and humans produce it in large quantities. We also need to recognize that we are responsible for our world. It will not be long and the result will be on us.