The Difference Between Civil Partnership and Marriage

There is still an overwhelming majority of people in society who see no difference in changing the laws regarding marriage for all. Homosexual couples have long aspired to marry and want the rights that all heterosexuals have. I sincerely regret that there are still people in our society who are blinded by the standards set forth and completely ignore and refuse to acknowledge the fact that love should be for everyone, regardless of orientation. Currently, gays and lesbians can only enter into civil partnerships. What would LGBT groups gain if it were possible in the Czech Republic for a man to marry another man or for a woman to marry a woman? Let\’s find out here!
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Formal marriage

Marriages are consummated with the pomp and ceremony of a wedding, a lavish reception, and a large group of loved ones. In short, it is a grand affair. In the case of civil partnerships, there is no need for celebration. Such partnerships are entered into in the workplace and are essentially just official events. It is like registering a car. No big deal. There is no ceremony. Just a certificate is issued. And there is no taking time off work for this event.
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No common property

Registered partners have no common property. In layman\’s terms, everyone is on their own. There is no residence in both names, no transportation in both names. Each drives alone. Marriage, on the other hand, is quite the opposite.

Widow\’s pension? Outrageous!

This is a bit of a morbid point, but if a partner dies, his or her boyfriend or girlfriend is not entitled to a widow\’s pension, i.e., extra money. It is as if the partner is not there.


The most important item on this list of reasons why LGBTs should be allowed to marry: children. In a civil partnership, if a partner dies unexpectedly, a child cannot be adopted. If your partner dies suddenly, the child will be sent to a foster home or straight into foster care. Whether or not the child recognizes you as family is completely irrelevant. In this type of marriage, the state does not give much consideration to this fact.

If two partners are eager to start a family, the possibility of starting a family is also very limited. Same-sex couples cannot adopt children from orphanages because they do not have the authority that heterosexuals have.

They are restricted and cannot live only in the past. It is 2019, the 21st century. Are you sure you don\’t want change? Do you really want to deny love to all people, even those of the same sex? What would be the impact on you if gay and lesbian marriages were recognized? Would it undermine social stability? Would it undermine history? Would it be against nature? But no way. …… There are many animals and species in nature that do not have vaginas or penises, but are still fond of each other. Think about it!