Stories of people who died in truly horrible ways

Alan Cattar

A horrible family tragedy occurred at the kayaking company where Alan Cattar worked, as did his daughter\’s boyfriend. During their shift, one of the huge furnaces used to manufacture kayaks failed. Alan went into the furnace to replace parts and also used a sharpener to remove molten plastic left in the furnace from a previous job. However, a friend of Alan\’s daughter, who had no experience operating the furnace, turned on the main switch. The furnace automatically locked up and Alan was trapped inside. At that moment, the temperature reached 280 degrees Celsius. According to the autopsy, Alan died 10 minutes later from multiple burns and shock. No one heard his screams. It is difficult to imagine what he was experiencing in those last 10 minutes.


Keeno Butler

In 2018, a very bizarre murder occurred in the US. Keeno was arguing with his girlfriend Windy. Windy was not carrying the cocaine she was using and was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. In addition, she was intoxicated. During the argument, she attacked her boyfriend with a knife and a piece of wood. However, she only wounded him. The cause of death was more shocking. Windy Keena was ambushed. Because the woman weighed nearly 140 pounds, Keeno immediately began choking under her weight on his face. However, Windy ignored her and stopped when Keena was out of control.


Lottie Berg

One day, Lottie went to her favorite beach, Virginia Beach, with her family to celebrate her upcoming birthday. However, a beautiful day suddenly turned terrifying with strong winds. Nothing terrifying had happened yet, except that the wind had begun to lift some of the beach objects into the air. One of them unluckily fell and pierced Lottie\’s chest. The family tried to help her and emergency services were called. Unfortunately, the parasol hit a vital organ and Lottie was unable to help. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.