Society and Us

As a matter of fact, I always choose the right kind of society in which to spend my free time. This is because we all know that not all companies are always perfect and suitable for our lives. There are different kinds of companies. When I started my new job, it was a complete disaster and horror. I had co-workers and colleagues that made me want to cry, and I wasn\’t looking forward to work at all.

Vždy chci být v pohodě.

And those coworkers were so rude and disrespectful that it hurt my heart and always shocked me. In my opinion, my coworkers were not happy at work because they were always bad-mouthing me. Besides, it was really very offensive when my co-workers would look at them, whisper something, and then start laughing. What do you think about that? We were all in our thirties, so we were all mature, sensible women, and we didn\’t gossip about each other. So this was not my style. Even in elementary school, we never gossiped about anybody.

Mám ráda pohodu v rodině.

That said, in elementary school, there were often groups or societies of kids with similar interests, and even there, there was usually gossip. But what about adult women in the workplace who do that? I find that very childish. So I left that job after about four months and found another one. It doesn\’t pay as much financially, but on the other hand, I have company that I like and enjoy, and I have two friends that I go out with and go to concerts with.