Science for Kids

When I was little I was very interested in books. I like books very much. Not ordinary books, but picture books. I also liked picture books. I mean, I was a kid, so I liked books with stories, but I also liked encyclopedias. Especially encyclopedias with pictures. I loved looking at encyclopedias. To make matters worse, my mother used to buy me encyclopedias and read them to me. Thanks to her reading to me, I learned to read very quickly. That was a big deal, too. In other words, my mother always said I was “very smart” because I could read quite fluently at the age of six.

Věda je moje záliba.

And it was true. I mean, by the time I was five years old, I could write syllables and I could read. I really liked reading books. I started with fairy tales, I\’m sure. As a kid, I started with encyclopedias and other science books. Then I got interested in biology and animals. I was interested in how animals live. Especially in foreign countries like Africa.

Vědu mám ráda odmala.

How animals got there was also a big science for me. To make matters worse, my mother taught me that my aunt was a scientist. I had no idea about that. Then again, I learned from my father that he also went to school for science. Unfortunately, he dropped out because my mother became pregnant. In my opinion, it is very unfortunate that he left science school. It\’s a real shame. I asked my dad why he didn\’t go back to school. Dad said that science school requires a lot of time. After I was born, he no longer had the time and had to go to work. So he is doing economics instead of science. I think economics and science have something in common. An economist also has to know what people expect from him.