Science and the Perpetrators

Men in particular, sometimes known as playthings, tinker eagerly with cars, motorcycles, and other technological devices, their hands covered in grease and dirt and their faces full of excitement. Those who are really good at it become scientists and engineers, inventors of useful innovations. These are the people whose enthusiasm hopelessly outweighs their talent, and they become enthusiasts. The more convinced they are of their genius, the more convinced those around them are that they are wrong and their plans will fail.
Malý vědec
True geniuses, after all, are known to be understood by no one. When such a person discovers relativity or quantum mechanics, the fun is all but over. Both fields stimulate the imagination so much that many popular books have been written on both, some of them for children. Thesetrue geniuseseventually come to the conclusionthat they understand both theories better than the foolish scientistsand do not hesitate to improve them.
hlava Robota
Dron v parkuPerpetual motion was very popular among them in their
time and has worked in many brains for years. Also, in the age of social networks, it can be combined with esotericism for unlimited publicity (which would add to its appeal). Furthermore, because it concerns a complex theory, it is often impossible to refute with simple arguments. In short, the layman does not understand, and the experts do not have the time or energy to refute every single piece of nonsense promoted by pseudo-scientists from industry on FB. The following is a short excerpt from FB.
Dron v parku
, quantum physics is an attempt to describe the behavior of the microscopic world. It is based on the observations and practices of particle physics.
Thus, those who do not study the motion of particles often scratch their heads at the conventions of quantum physics because they do not have such observational experience.
It is surprising, however, that regular meditation can make quantum physics very enjoyable.
Because quantum physics says so perfectly what you perceive in your own inner world.

This example can be considered as an example of the kind of writing that such a genius would post on FB. I think many ace enthusiasts will like it.