Science and Research in College

The image of studying at university is often at odds with reality. The more a student engages in scientific work in the department in which he or she is enrolled, the more he or she learns about the field. Why is this? And why is so much emphasis placed on research and thesis work?

Research and scholarship are the cornerstone of most universities, especially master\’s and doctoral programs. This is because graduates in these fields should, first and foremost, become scientists and experts in their fields. But how can they become so without attempting to do more in-depth research in their field?
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1.Seminar papers and other papers

The first, rather pseudoscientific papers are usually seminar papers of some kind. These are often primarily theoretical and rarely include empirical research. They are usually a summary of some problem or body of knowledge on the subject. Occasionally, there are papers that force students to do a bit of research. These are primarily various studies sponsored by faculties or departments.
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2. Research MethodologyResearch Methodology

A separate course focused on science and research should teach students the basics of research and research papers, their requirements, format and various methods. The research methodologies are usually qualitative and qualitative in nature. Research methodology is usually divided into qualitative and quantitative research, with a semester devoted to each, but for many students this is not sufficient. In fact, understanding research methodology is not that easy, and the methodology itself is crucial to successfully writing and defending a dissertation, a required course for completing all university degree programs. Adherence to the methodology is essential to the successful defense of the dissertation.
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How should you handle your dissertation research? If you are unsure what to do, contact your advisor. Your advisor should be able to give you appropriate advice. If your advisor is not familiar with research methodology, he or she may be able to refer you to a colleague who can advise you on the topic. Don\’t be afraid to ask for help. Most university instructors have no problem advising students on their research.