Rock gardens bring new life to the garden

The term rock garden is not only a well-known term for gardeners and flower lovers, but of course it does not only refer to Prague\’s metro A station. A rock garden is one that imitates real nature, using mainly shrubs and plantsfor different purposes. Proper soil and substrate are especially important, and the addition of stones and unconventional plants can make the garden look more realistic and resemble a certain type of landscape.
kytičky na zahradě
To beautify a garden, many people need ordinary rocks to create an environment around their beloved plants, flowers, and shrubs. However, it is inappropriate to call such a thing a rock garden. The important thing is to beautify your garden in this way, and many people will stop by your garden,but you must be careful not to adopt the characteristics of a rock garden throughout your garden and make it look tasteless or inappropriate as an addition to your property.
Of course, creating a rock garden is not the most difficult task in life, but many people prefer to hire an architect. Lovers of special gardens visit China and Japan to admire the taste, elegance, and beautyof the rock gardens and gardens that were popular in Europe a century ago.
kytičky v kamenech
Mowing the garden is a common summer chore. Not all gardens are flat, so owners can take advantage of hillsides to create rock gardens. The most striking element of a rock garden is undoubtedly the stones. Of course, other stones in the landscape are not so good, and conversely, it is perfectly acceptable if they are already covered with lichens and mosses.
Determine how often you can care for your rock garden and choose plants accordingly. Low maintenance plants are primarily well-known heathersbut don\’t be afraid to pay extra. Pansies, foxgloves, or lomikemans will give your rock garden a fresher look.