Psychological Issues in Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyles

The answer to the question of whether our psychology can influence weight loss is of course “yes.” We are talking here about many factors that only scientists who have studied this subject and conducted relevant research can explain to us in a truthful and factual way. But let me list a few situations in which our psyche may influence weight loss in a non-expert way.

psychologické procesy

Let\’s start with the simplest variation: blaming ourselves for our own failures. This is a very typical scenario. We choose a healthy lifestyle, plan out the habits and behaviors that we will follow on a regular basis, and then, along with our newfound motivation, set out on a somewhat fictitious battle. A fictitious battle is not really a battle, because it is not really a battle.

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If you want to live healthier and lose weight, you do not have to fight your body. On the contrary, it is to cooperate. In this mental set-up, of course, you will give up on your efforts after a few weeks. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that I have imposed a regimen that is too strict on myself. You decide to go to the gym five times a week, eat healthy and drink alcohol, but under constant pressure and stress (which you created yourself), you give up. The second psychological reason for quitting is that they break the rules they set for themselves, which results in frustration.

However, there are situations where the cause of failure is not entirely one\’s own fault, most notably stress. Prolonged exposure to stress and mental discomfort can affect not only the digestive system, but also hormonal changes. Proper hormonal functioning is a basic condition for weight loss, and for this reason, mental state has a significant impact on weight loss.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider what you can do for yourself and your health. Investing time and effort in yourself is always worthwhile!